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GFB is endowed with interconnected and technically up-to-date workstations (Microsoft, Apple), mainly with 24’’ TFT – Monitors. Two spacious conference rooms with video conferencing systems are ready for meetings. 

Program licenses are all over installed, such as the CAD Software ArchiCad, MS Project as well as the current versions of the Microsoft Office Package. One high-performance graphic workstation is in use, in order to create demanding presentations and visualizations. HP DesignJet Plotters for printing on color up to A0+, several A3 color copiers and –scanners, an A3 photo printer as well as various laser printers are available within the office. 

LAN (Local Area Network) and Data Security Systems are consistent with the latest technology available and offer the highest measure in data security. A modern Communication – System allows project data to be retrieved from the outside by external project participants just by accessing the Intranet of GFB. In addition, the technical requirements for operating from a home office are available.

A symmetrical 300 Mbit – connection is used for digital data management. This guarantees the highest reliability, e.g. for digital data management through project related plan exchange servers. In addition to this, GFB employees conducting field work are endowed with modern notebooks equipped with mobile Internet.