Comprehensive site and infrastructure analyses as well as consulting with regard to economically reasonable development opportunities of developed and undeveloped properties are a safe basis for future joint projects. We plan and execute new building, reconstruction or rehabilitation of residential, commercial buildings, hotels and industrial buildings up to the revitalisation of entire industrial sites.
The economic efficiency analyses made by GFB are the basis for project studies which are tailor-made for the condition of each site. Already at this stage of planning we take into consideration the approvability of our projects by involving the local decision-making authorities.
We advise the owner for optimum use of energy and how to keep the cost of maintenance and operation of the buildings permanently low, provide the owner with verifiable cost-benefit analyses as decision-making tools for permanent optimum use of the building. Taking into account future requirements by flexible architectural designs and easy-to-maintain technical building equipment is our highest priority.



Architects and engineers of GFB develop demanding designs of functional and economically optimised buildings. From the first draft sketches up to handing over the ready object all required planning services are provided intensively and professionally.

  • All approval procedures, from the preliminary building enquiry up to the application for permission to build
  • Execution planning up to the very detail
  • Invitation to tender and awarding of building contract
  • Site management
  • Stock taking
  • Documentation

In parallel GFB also takes over all stage of commercial building services (e.g. cost estimates, cost calculation and controlling). We practice integral and cross-functional planning, where all parties involved communicate and cooperate in a synchronized way. We are a one-stop shop for the preparation of the execution planning, competent site management, acceptance tests by the authorities or documentation of the comple-ted object – the complete technical and the commercial handling of a building project.



GFB takes charge of the execution and coordination of all planning services required for a certain project.

  • Architecture
  • Structural engineering
  • Planning of outdoor facilities
  • Planning of technical building equipment (heating, ventilation,sanitary systems, air-conditioning, electrical engineering and information technology)
  • Certification of building physics (noise protection, thermal insulation, energy- saving)
  • Fire safety concepts
  • Other services (subsoil expertise, environmental studies etc.)

Our team of experienced architects, engineers, structural engineers, building equipment staff, site managers and experts plans all details from the very first moment of a project. Under the coordination of an expert project manager the owner always has no more than one contact person for all questions he wishes to ask the project team. The direct dialog between the architect and all other people involved in the planning process enhances the cost and planning safety considerably.
Our services within the scope of general planning include a continuous design and cost analysis. Thanks to our cost planning and controlling it is possible to make optimum decisions with regard to the continuation of a project at any time.



The entire process of planning and execution is coordinated by GFB as well.

  • detailed scheduling for all parties involved in the construction
  • consistent checks and enforcement of the time schedule
  • continuous tracking of building costs to prevent the budget from being exceeded
  • Quality assurance by competent quality management

Using recognized project controlling methods, the projects are executed in accordance with the planned costs, times and quality. Due to this intensive technical and organisational coordination, the resources are used in an optimum way and the projects are completed successfully.



The interests of the parties involved in the construction process may differ widely. Upon request, GFB also takes charge of project controlling or project management. This includes checking compliance with the contractual terms and conditions during the planning and execution of building projects. In this area we assume the necessary control of the agreed quality standards on behalf of the owner, the financing banks, the purchaser or the user.
As a project controller GFB takes care of reporting in the agreed intervals and the necessary tasks for controlling the time, quality and costs.